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May 17
Jun 17
Now How Wow Matrix

Innovation Game : Now How Wow

[alert close="false" type="info"]From Innovation Game. Updated by Robin Béraud-Sudreau.[/alert] While creative ideas often form during the brainstorming process of a project, originality can be lost as time goes on. Complicated plans, difficult decisions, and limited resources often force you to resort to used, familiar ideas. This unfortunate phenomenon limits your... read more →
Feb 25
agile games Scrum Responsibilities Game

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Game

[alert close="true" type="success"]By Andrew Rusling for TastyCupcakes[/alert] Timing 15 minutes to run, 30 minutes to prepare (once only). Materials 32 Index Cards of one colour (I choose blue). 7 Index Cards of another colour (I choose pink). A permanent marker pen (i.e. sharpie). Two flip chart pieces of paper (A0... read more →
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